8 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean from NY-CarpetCleaning-NYC Team


  • Tip 1. Get a welcome mat for entrance. It may act as a receptacle against dirt stuck on your shoes.


  • Tip 2. In order to prevent the pile of your carpet from crushing put a throw rug or small carpet on heavily trafficked areas, like in front of a hall to your apartment.


  • Tip 3. Sweep or vacuum your carpets weekly to remove dust and dirt.


  • Tip 4. Reach inaccessible spots moving your furniture.


  • Tip 5.   Treat spots right away after you got it. Treat spills immediately. Otherwise it will set and become a permanent making it much more hard to remove. Keep in mind that you must not use chemical treatments which may be damaging. We suggest to start with cold water or with a little baking soda.


  • Tip 6. Know your carpet. Before you buy it ask a seller if it is treated with moth repellent, is it soil and stain resistant? Does the carpet require a dry cleaning? How long is the warranty for the carpet and what does it include?


  • Tip 7. Order professional cleaning service at least once every 6 to 12 months. If you have high-use areas- even more often.


  • Tip 8. Find out which cleaning method is the most appropriate for your carpet. Most of carpet cleaning experts agreed that that the most efficient way to clean, disinfect and sanitize carpets, rugs, and upholstery is the powered hot-water extraction method.

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