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Carpet Cleaning Bronx


Top-Quality Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning Services in Bronx.

We offer you professional Carpet Cleaning Bronx & Rug Cleaning Bronx Services. Our team of experienced technicians will handle both your carpet and rug with a professional approach. We rely on experience and innovation in our work. That is why we can give you top-quality cleaning results in the least eco-harmful way.

Our Cleaning Services Will Protect Your Health

When you do regular vacuuming of your carpet or rug you remove only the soil which accumulated on a surface. What about dust, grime and allergens which are located deeply in a carpet or rug fibers? They are not removed by the regular cleaning. That is why you start sneezing a lot and have no clue why. That reason lies in your carpet or rug. We use hot-water extraction method along with the steaming to achieve the complete termination of such asthma/allergy causes. Hence, we care about not just the cleaning results but also about your health.

Bronx Carpet Cleaning NYOur Green Carpet Cleaning Bronx & Rug Cleaning Bronx Services

Do you care of eco-friendly cleaning? If yes – you have found a good partner. We are always up to date when it turns to organic carpet & rug cleaning. We have been looking for the least eco-harmful formulas that we fill with our cleaning machines. Eventually we found that 2X formula works the best for us. That is because our formula contains biodegradable non-toxic elements which are absolutely eco-friendly. Stay green with us.

Feel The Difference With Our Results

We use hot-water extraction cleaning along with pre-treatment means to get best possible results in our cleaning. Moreover, the full set of special machines allows us to treat every carpet with an individual approach. If you have a tough old stain – that is not the problem for us, we will use special portable equipment designed to remove toughest stains.

Rug Cleaning Bronx

We provide the following Bronx Rug Cleaning services:

  • Steaming Service
  • Shampooing Service (only non-toxic ingredients are used)
  • Stain Removal Service
  • Pet Stains & Odor Removal Service (2X formula is used)
  • Dry Rug Cleaning

20 Days Is Our Guarantee For Carpet Cleaning Bronx & Rug Cleaning Bronx Services.

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