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Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn & Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Services.

Brooklyn is well known for its beautiful houses and ocean that washes its coast. Brooklynites are more free people than Manhattan habitants since they are not so limited by the small city and housing areas. Hence, the average Brooklynite has more housing space than average Manhattan habitant. That is a good  thing but what about needs it brings with? It requires to do more cleaning work. And here the next question comes. Are you sure that your house area is cleaned well? May be yes – maybe not. Lets take your carpets and rugs for as an example. Are they cleaned well? Regular vacuuming of your carpets and rugs is capable to remove only the soil and other surface dirt while it does not solve the problem of deeply accumulated dust and especially allergy/asthma causing micro elements. Professional Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn & Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Services will help you to clean your carpets and rugs completely.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning New York

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Service Makes The Difference In Health Protection.

What makes our Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn & Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Services different from your regular vacuuming? Our modern carpet cleaning & rug cleaning machines have deep reaching brushes along with the turbo steaming effect. It allows us to terminate all possible deep accumulated dust and harmful micro elements. Moreover, the machines are filled with special formulas that help to achieve great deodorizing and disinfecting effects. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Service is the best service for your health!

  Our Cleaning Method For Carpets

At NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC, we  prefer the hot-water extraction cleaning method. That is because we have tried a lot of different carpet cleaning methods and found this method to be the most efficient. We use this method along with the additional use of steaming method on the most difficult areas. Besides that, we also use special deep reaching 2X formula along with the stain pretreatment means for better results. However, really professional carpet cleaning requires to use different cleaning approaches in every particular case. That is why we study the type of the fabric of a carpet, the level of dirtiness, the level of depreciation and only then we decide which cleaning method will be the most appropriate. For example, if we deal with a very old carpet – we use our special portable carpet cleaning machines (without turbo active both sides rotating brushes) designed for the cleaning of delicate carpets. Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Service – We are ahead of rivals.

Our Rug Cleaning Service in Brooklyn

We offer Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Service for your rugs regardless of their state, size, and other features. We take on any work despite the level of its complexity. Our wide range of additional services provide your rugs with great deodorizing and disinfecting effects. Forget about being worry when you child plays on your rug. You will be calm and sure that it is absolutely clean and safe for your child. Because Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Service cares about you and your family.

Rug Cleaning BrooklynOur Rug Cleaning services For You:
  • Rug Steaming with the long-lasting deodorizing and disinfecting effects
  • Rug Shampooing ( we use only organic non-toxic formulas)
  • Active Stain removal service (for all types of stains including the toughest like wine spills, clothing discoloring, tough food or medicine stains with high acid levels)
  • Pet Stains urine & odor removal service (deodorizing 2X special formula is used)
  • Dry Rug Cleaning

Time does not matter for us!

We do not set any time frames when we clean your carpets. We intentionally set a big time window for every order we get. That is why your Brooklyn house will not be left by our technicians until you are 100% satisfied with our Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn Service.

We do not deprive you of your lovely rugs. We do our job at the same place.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn & Rug Cleaning Brooklyn Services.

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