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Carpet Cleaning Staten Island

Do You Know How Is it Feels When You Step On Your Cleaned Fresh Carpet or Rug?

At NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC, we have always sought for the improvement of our services. Why we do it? We know that market demands the constant progress from us. That is why we always follow the last trends in cleaning equipment and methods. We think that it is essential because the innovation runs our modern worlds and the cleaning business is no exception.

We Use Only Modern Cleaning Machines For Carpet Cleaning Staten Island Service

We use only innovative cleaning machines. That allows us to get the best results with the least harmful effects for the environment. Most of our machines use hot-water extraction method. Why do we use this particular method? We have used a lot of other cleaning carpet methods but eventually found that this method gives the best results possible. Besides that, this method is based on the use of water as the main extractive force in cleaning. It makes this method different from other methods that use chemical effects as the main extractive force.

Staten Island Carpet Cleaning NYCOnly Green Formulas In Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning

When it turns to the formulas we fill our carpet cleaning machines with, we use only eco-friendly formulas. Of course, we do not hide that there is some chemical component is present in our formulas. Nonetheless,  what does make these formulas different? They contain absolutely biodegradable and non-toxic ingredients that make our carpet cleaning process absolutely organic.

Rug Cleaning Staten IslandOur Cleaning Procedure Step By Step:

First,  we remove the soil accumulated in your carpet.

Second, we do the conditioning of the carpet as well as the pre-treatment of the most difficult areas.

Third,  we do the extraction by steaming along with the use of active dirt lifter power brushes that rotate in both directions.

Fourth, in case of necessity we apply fans to make the process of your carpet drying faster.

Staten Island Rug Cleaning Service step by step operation:

First, we do the pre-inspection of a rug. The Inspection includes the review of the fabric, condition, color state, stains presence and their toughness. Then we determine possible and  proper cleaning ways.

Second, we do the vacuuming of the both sides of the rug with the aim to remove soil, pet dander, dust etc.

Third, stains and other heavily affected area of the rug undergo the pre-treatment.

Fourth, the extraction and steaming of the rug. This process helps to get rid of the dust and stains as well as of the allergy causing micro-existences.

Exclusive! Boat Cleaning Service For Staten Island Residents.

We are pleased to offer you our new Boat Cleaning Service that includes: the deep cleaning of the iron elements of the boat, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, glass attributes cleaning and the general deep cleaning. Our technicians will choose the best cleaning ways for each attribute of your boat.

Boat Cleaning NYC Boat Cleaning New York

20 Days Is Our Guarantee For Carpet Cleaning Staten Island & Rug Cleaning Staten Island Services.

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