Carpet & Other Kinds of Cleaning. Most Frequently Asked Questions

Preparation For Our Technicians Visit

Our suggestion to you is to vacuum your carpet before our technicians come. Carpet should be free of things on it. Make sure that you have removed everything from the carpet (coins, toys, pins and other stuff). We also ask you to remove all things that are easily broken such as glasses, lamps, photo frames etc. We assume the area at least 1 feet around the item to be cleaned is safe for a technician to perform the service.

How Long Does It Take To Clean My Carpet?

Usually it takes from an hour to two. It depends on how many rooms. It can be much longer if you have a big commercial carpet area.

How Long Will My Carpets Dry?

Usually it takes about 4-6 hours for your carpet to dry.  If you request our Fan Service, this time can be reduced as much as 60-70 percent.

Does NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC Company Use Chemicals?

We have used too many different cleaning solutions and came to conclusion that our 2X biodegradable non-toxic formula gives us the best cleaning results with the least eco-harmful effects. This product is really eco-friendly. Product ingredients allows us to use it even when we deal with people who suffer allergy. Moreover, this product was created with the care of your pets. It has pet-friendly elements.

Do You Move Furniture?

We provide FREE moving of light sofas, chairs and tables for our clinets. We do not move china cabinets, beds, dressers, pianos, electronics and other bulky things heavier than 100 pounds.

How Often Does My Carpet Require Professional Cleaning?

It usually depends on how much traffic your carpet gets or other factors such as the presence of children, pets etc. As usual, the nearest carpet to the front door is one that is mostly affected. We suggest to to the professional carpet cleaning every 6-12 month.

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