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Professional Office Furniture Cleaning Service

NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC company provides the wide range of cleaning services including the Office Furniture Cleaning service. We are equipped with the modern cleaning machines. It allows us to achieve the best results in upholstered and leather office furniture cleaning. Our best trained technicians will help to turn your office furniture to its almost new look.

We Provide The Following Furniture Cleaning Services:

  • Special Office Cubicles Cleaning NYC Service
  • Office chair cleaning
  • Executive chair cleaning
  • Office couch cleaning
  • Office sofa cleaning
  • Office recliners cleaning
  • Visitor chair cleaning
  • Office ottomans cleaning etc.

Our professional team will deal with all possible upholstery fabric and leather types.


Our Upholstery Cleaning Stages:

At NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC, we employ professional, multi-stage cleaning process to provide every customer with high-quality upholstery cleaning services:

Stage 1: Pre-Assessment;

Stage 2: Pre-Vacuuming;

Stage 3: Pet Hair Removal (by request);

Stage 4: Stain Removal (FREE of charge, included in each package offered);

Stage 5: Pre-Spraying (Shampooing);

Stage 6: High-Pressure Steam-Extraction Cleaning (with the use of professional heavy-duty upholstery cleaning machine (steaming with up to 450 psi pressure).

Our upholstery furniture cleaning machines are designed with the highly-modern upholstery fiber action that makes it possible to reach even the deepest accumulated stains. If you are concerned with the drying time of your office furniture because you need to get on work in your office tomorrow, we use office furniture cleaning machines that are equipped with special fans that reduce the time of drying. Moreover, we are ready to work at night!

We also provide other specialized office furniture cleaning NYC services.
  • Steam or Dry Office Furniture Cleaning (could be combined) (includes office cubicles)
  • Office Furniture Sanitizing (includes office cubicles)
  • Office Furniture Disinfecting (includes office cubicles)
  • Office Furniture Deodorizing (includes office cubicles)
  • Office Furniture Local Stains and Spots Removal (includes office cubicles)
  • Office Mildew Removal (includes office cubicles)
Our Office Leather Furniture Cleaning Process includes the following steps:

1 Step  – We inspect the leather. We do the identification of the type of leather so that we would understand what we are dealing with.  We also search for any visible stains or problematic areas.

2 Stage –  Then we determine an appropriate cleaning method. We take into consideration the leather type, leather age, color, etc.

3 Stage – We do both the hand and machine cleaning of your office leather furniture. We use both depending on every particular case. For example, if we deal with very uncared & spotted leather we use machine method with the subsequent hand cleaning. We use only the best quality cloths and sponges when clean the leather. Our experienced specialists will fix any possible problems on your office furniture. We bring only superior cleaning services to New York businesses.

Office Cubicles Cleaning NYC:

We also offer office cubicles cleaning.

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