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Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

What is an oriental rug? Usually it is considered a handmade carpet which was either knotted with pile or woven without pile. Oriental rugs are the rugs that came from the “Orient” (East). They are made in Asian countries such as China or Vietnam, in the Eastern Turkey, Maghreb countries, the Caucasus and India. People from different cultures, countries, religion flows are involved in the production of oriental rugs.

New York Carpet Cleaning NYCOur 6 Stage Oriental Rug Cleaning Procedure:

  •  We do the pre-inspection of an oriental rug. The pre-inspection includes the inspection of the type of fabric, its condition, color consistency,  stains presence. Then we determine the proper cleaning method. Our experts choose individual approach to every rug since each has its own particular qualities.
  • Then we turn to the vacuuming of both sides of the area rug. This  is the first stage of the rug cleaning helps us to remove soil, pet dander, dust and other dirt elements.
  • Then we do agitation process that allows to get rid of stains and soil.
  • In case of necessity we do the pre-treatment of stains at the areas which were hardly affected by soil.
  • The full steaming and extraction are the last stages that remove all left stains and other dirt.


By our clients request we also offer deodorization, disinfection and moth termination services.

Same Place Policy

We care about you and do not want to deprive you of your lovely belonging. That is why NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC generously offers you same day service. You will get your rug cleaned in 30-50 minutes.

Guarantee For Our Oriental Rug Cleaning

NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC provides guarantee for the Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC service. You can request to redo the cleaning if your are not satisfied with the cleaning within this covered period.

Call us now and your will not believe your eyes when you see the difference. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Team Works For You.

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