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Top-Quality Carpet Cleaning Service In Manhattan

Big City is not always an ideal place when it turns to cleanliness. Accumulation of the city dust and other dirt elements requires Manhattan habitants to pay a lot of attention to cleaning issues. An intensive way of the life in Manhattan does not leave enough time for cleaning works. Moreover, we prefer to spend our leisure time doing some other more pleasant things than cleaning. Regular Manhattan apartment cleaning is a usual thing which we have to do on a regular basis. But what about carpet cleaning or rug cleaning? Regular vacuuming during regular apartment cleaning helps us to remove only the soil and surface dirt. That turns into a problem because we do not do the complete carpet cleaning.  Deep dirt and other harmful elements are still left in the fibers of carpet or rug after the regular cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan & Rug Cleaning Manhattan Services will help you to get rid of all elements from your carpet or rug.

Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan

Our New York Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services Care About Your Health

Sometimes we can not understand why we started sneezing a lot. We can not also understand why we got some other allergy symptoms. We  visit a doctor and ask if we have an allergy, We take an expensive allergy test in oder to define what is the real reason of our allergy. It might turn to be the most surprising is that you have an allergy for your carpets or rugs. Why is that so? Because you did not pay enough attention to the necessary professional cleaning of your carpets or rugs.  A lot of allergy/asthma causing elements accumulated on your carpets turned to be a reason of your allergy. In order to help you we set deep a hot-water extraction method along with the high pressure steaming in our carpet & rug cleaning services. Only such carpet & rug handling is capable to eliminate these causes. We also provide the constant assistance for our clients after the cleaning to make sure that the problem has gone. This assistance serves as the additional guarantee of our Carpet Cleaning Manhattan and Rug Cleaning Manhattan Services.

 Our Green Carpet Cleaning Method

At NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC, we use the hot-water extraction green cleaning method for most of carpet cleaning works. Depending of the complexity of work we resort to the use of additional methods to make sure that we have provided the top quality carpet cleaning service for our customers. Why we chose this particular method? We have used a lot of different carpet cleaning methods during our serving for New Yorkers. Eventually, we came to conclusion that hot-water extraction method is the most safest and the least eco-harmful method. If we work on old carpets we use delicate cleaning portable cleaning machines designed for the cleaning of old and fragile carpets. In every particular case our experts will help you to determine which way will be better for your carpet. Choose our Carpet Cleaning Manhattan Service and your carpets will get an individual approach.

NY-CarpetCleaning-NYC serviceOur Rug Cleaning Services:
  • Rug Cleaning by steaming with the sanitizing effect
  • Rug Cleaning by shampooing (only organic non-toxic ingredients are used)
  • Intensive Stain removal service (for all types of stains including the toughest like wine spills, clothing discoloring, tough food or medicine stains with high acid levels)
  • Pet Stains urine & odor treatment (special active deodorizing 2X formula is used)
  • Rug Cleaning by dry cleaning methods

Just order our service and forget about waiting for your rug. Our friendly employees will come over and quickly clean your rug at the same place.

Time is not a big deal! Every Client Is Special For Carpet Cleaning.

We do not leave your Manhattan apartment until you are satisfied with the results of our cleaning services. We really want to justify the trust you give us. Choose our Carpet Cleaning Manhattan & Rug Cleaning Manhattan Services and you will never regret.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Carpet Cleaning Manhattan & Rug Cleaning Manhattan Services.

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