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Commercial Carpet Cleaning NYC


Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning/Maintenance Programs In New York

Have you ever thought of giving a second life to your commercial carpet instead of buying the new one? Spend money for other business needs than for changing the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

At Ny-Carpet Cleaning-NYC we always seek for the improvement of our services, especially when it turns to commercial clients who want to have their carpets look the best. As well as you, we  know how it is to value and care about our clients. Clients’  satisfaction should be the first priority for any kinds of businesses. Commercial carpet is the most affected area because of the high traffic during the day. It is contaminated much harder than other office stuff like office furniture, walls, blinds or windows. That is why NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC offers Professional  Commercial Carpet Cleaning/Maintenance programs.

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Our Manhattan Office Carpet Cleaning Standards

Manhattan is world well-known for its skyscrapers that have a lot of offices. Top brands have their offices in Manhattan. Apparently that service for such companies has to be in accordance with the highest quality standards. Therefore, when we deal with Manhattan companies we set the top standards in our commercial carpet cleaning. Our standard in work is the best results along with 100% customers satisfaction. Our Manhattan Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service was created to fulfill even the most demanding expectations. That is why resort to the use of only the most innovative commercial carpet cleaning machines. We offer a night service so that your business would be able to work without any delays.

Our New York Team Of Experts For Your Commercial Carpets

Our commercial carpet cleaning technicians have to undergo special qualification program before they are allowed to operate our commercial carpet cleaning machines. We hire only experienced professionals who have been working in the field for years. Our aim is to be the best in the field. That is why we seek for the best quality of our services in New York.

We Use Only Top-brand Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet Cleaning Extractor

Our Modern Techniques For Your Office, Restaurant, Store Or Other Business

NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC offers the hot-water extraction cleaning method for most of commercial carpets. We prefer this method as the most efficient way in carpet cleaning. The method helps to gain the best results in both making your carpet cleaner and making it healthier (the termination of allergens and other harmful factors). In case if we deal with a local high trafficked carpet areas we apply a special portable cleaning machine especially designed for intensive local cleaning. Our technicians will help you to determine which way is recommended to apply in case with your particular carpet.

Commercial areas cleaningOur Commercial Carpet Cleaning Procedure:

1. Pre-vacuuming for surface soil and dust removal;

2. Shampooing procedures with the use of commercial cleaning solutions designed for high-trafficed carpeted areas;

3. Steam-extraction cleaning by heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaning machines (up to 450 psi high-pressure steam).

4. Deodorization services (commercial odor treatment solutions used).


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