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Organic Carpet Cleaning NYC


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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning. Green Carpet Cleaning In New York

At NY-Carpet Cleaning-NYC, we are pleased to offer our customers the set of organic carpet cleaning options. Anyone who is sensible to chemicals or have diseases related to asthma or allergy, or who just  cares of environment pollution, can order our carpet cleaning service. We do not use traditional carpet cleaners that contain toxic ingredients such as disinfectants, pesticides, formaldehyde etc. We offer only eco-friendly carpet cleaning way which is completely chemical free, non-toxic, and 100% organic.

Green Carpet Cleaning NYCStay Green With Our Organic Carpet Cleaning Service

Here are three reasons why our Organic Carpet cleaning NYC Service is better than others:

1. Our 100% organic composition consists of only the best chemical free elements which are completely eco-friendly.

2. We use 2.5 gallons of water per hour. Usual carpet cleaning method takes 60 gallons of water per hour. Get rid of the smell of mold and mildew – breath fresh air with our green carpet cleaning. When we apply our cleaning method we use much less water. It allows us to avoid the problem of your carpet getting wet. Moreover, wet carpet produces terrible smell that is hardly removable.

3, We make your carpet stay fresh and clean longer. We do not use any foam or oil while we treat your carpets. That is why you will not face the problem of any stains appearing because of oil or foam.

We use only professional high-pressure (up to 450 psi) carpet cleaning extractors, which are completely organic. We use steam as the main cleaning solution.Carpet cleaning machine Mytee

We Use Only Organic Ingredients

Absolutely natural and environmentally safe ingredients are used in green carpet cleaning to make your space greener. Our organic carpet cleaning process is based on the use of the following elements:

• Water (our hot-water extraction method is based in the use of water)

• Hydrogen peroxide

• Borax

• Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s)

• Fresh herbs, citrus, or citrus peels

• Soybeans

•Natural enzymes

• White Vinegar.

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning NYCGreen Carpet Cleaning With The Use of Steam In New York

When we apply the steaming cleaning method to terminate allergens and deodorize carpets we add natural ingredients into the water. That is why your space will not be affected by harmful chemicals with our organic carpet cleaning service. You, your children and pets can sleep safely in green environment created by our green cleaning team.

Redoing Guarantee  

We will come back and redo everything absolutely for free if you are not pleased with the results.


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